Fuel Card

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How does a fuel card work?

A Fuel Card is a payment card that’s issued to a trucking company to facilitate the purchase of diesel when running a fleet of trucks.  A fuel card can also be used to withdraw funds or to pay for expenses associated with fleet maintenance or repairs pre-approved by the fleet owner through our platform.

Why trucking companies get fuel cards?

  • Security – You control who uses the card, what it can purchase and how much can be spent. This feature minimizes fraud and optimize efficiencies.
  • Savings – Our fuel card holders have access to discounted fuel negotiated with a variety of truck stop partners.
  • Documentation – Facilitate fuel tracking and enable you to produce your quarterly international fuel tax agreement reports (IFTA).

Our Fuel Card is about saving you money!

Check out the savings:

  1. Fuel – Save an average of 60 cents per gallon at more than 1,200 in-network locations.
  2. Transaction fees – Our fuel Card clients pay $0 transaction fees on fuel purchases at all in-network locations.
  3. Fuel finder – Use the handy Fuel Finder our platform and find the best fuel prices in your area or along your route.
  4. Tires and maintenance – Get discounts on tires and maintenance when you use your Fuel Card at select service centers.
  5. Roadside Assistance– Our fuel card comes with roadside assistance service.  You get expert roadside rescue assistance 24/7.

How do you put money on your fuel card?

There are many methods to funds a fuel card. Here are main the methods:

  • Open Line of Credit (subject to credit approval)
  • ACH Credit (bank to bank transfer).
  • Bank wire
  • Western Union
  • Factoring company

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